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Under a railway arch in Liverpool’s historic Love Lane, the very street where the wealth of the Tate empire was once cultivated by the workers at the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery, is an arts space that does things a little differently.

Once upon a time a girl from Liverpool decided she wanted to live in Italy. She bought a one-way ticket to Milan and liked it so much she stayed there for the next ten years, at the end of which she found herself married, with a baby and an extensive collection of Prada shoes.

These new circumstances called for a larger home, clean air and wide, open spaces and so the not-so-young couple randomly bought a house in the foothills of the Apennines. A second baby girl was born and there they stayed, over the hills and far away while back in Britain there was much booming and busting and accumulation of credit-card debt.

Seven years later, they felt it was time to expand the girls’ horizons and improve their English language skills so they packed up the car, drove across the Alps and up to Liverpool. There, the opportunity of a studio in Bluecoat and the openness and creative possibilities offered by the city convinced her to stay.

Having grown accustomed to certain luxuries however, she set about recreating some of the aspects of her Italian life that she most missed, namely those that involved eating, drinking and sitting around a table chatting. Love Lane Wines was born, importing fine wines direct from small vineyards in Italy, and a space was rented to store the wine.

A professional background as an architect proved useful in adapting this space to suit numerous impromptu uses, it became a pop-up wine-bar, secret cinema, coffee shop, restaurant, performance space and more, making it the ideal springboard for new ideas and emerging talent.

Welcome to 17 Love Lane, gallery, wine-cellar, dining-room and performance space, where we nurture radical ideas and realistic action, while drinking Lambrusco. Get in touch using the contact form below if you'd like to be involved.

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Our events combine different art forms with food and drink in a spacious yet intimate setting. We collaborate with local artists and performers and are always open to ideas. 

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We have had numerous guest chefs hosting their own events at 17 Love Lane, including Liverpool's Secret Diner's Club, chef Sean-Paul Redding and My Secret Feasts and actress Daisy Wood-Davis

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17 Love Lane
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